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75m² apartment for 1 person

Apartment projection

Initial state

Apartment arrangement design

Design for implementation

Apartment of 75.2m² in a newly created building. The Customer cared for creating space purposed for one person. I have exposed the daily part with living room and open kitchen. A wall constructed along an arc has become a dominating element of the apartment. The wall's arc is continued by curve of the floor, visible in daily and entrance zone. The apartment's part containing bedroom, study and wardrobe has been purposed for private zone. Commodius bathroom, with the arc-wall granting unique climate to the interior, is accessible from both private and general zone. Lavatory seat is located near the bathroom door, next a wash-basin and shelves for cosmetics are located, near a decorative wall. From the side of study I have designed a large shower cabinet. Between bathroom and study I have planned a matt-glass wall, which brings more day light to the bathroom (more about this bathroom...). In the apartment I have designed a storage room with place for washing-machine. The Customer cared for exposing a collection of paintings ang graphic art. Therefore, I have designed in the whole apartment a series of properly lit recesses.