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29m² apartment for 1 person

Efficiency projection

This apartment is intended for one person. It is composed of a room with an annex, a bathroom and a wardrobe. I have designed the small one-roomed flat in such a way, that the room can perform various functions, depending on the owner's needs. The idea for the small space is a recess in the wall between the bathroom and the room. A fold-up daybed was placed inthere, which turns into a comfortable place to sleep after being unfolded. Over the daybed an aquarium was installed, whose back wall, visible from the bathroom, can be a one-way mirror. The wall on both sides of the recess is built-up with wardrobes. Similarly to the daybed, most of the equipment in the room is fold-up - it can be hidden, can change place, or even its function. The pictures below present methamorphoses of the room, which on one occasion is a sitting room and another times a dining room, a bedroom or a gymnasium.

Efficiency - sitting room

Sitting room: The daybed placed in the recess is fold-up, thanks to which it plays the role of both rest furniture, and a place to sleep. The sack-armchair can be easily hidden in a wardrobe or shifted elswhere, eg. under the window. Near the daybed several small tables have been placed, which can be tucked one under another, so as they occupy less place. One wall is entirely buil-up with bookcases, between which some place was found for a recess containing RTV equipment.

Efficiency - dining room

Dining room: The room can turn itno a big dining room, eg. when the host invites guests. The table is juxtaposed from two parts. One is tucked into the recess under the TV, the second one is hidden in the kitchen annex for everyday. Chairs arranged near the table can be placed one over another in purpose of storage and in this way can be kept in the wardrobe. The daybed has been tucked into the recess under the aquarium, thanks to which it has become invisible.

Efficiency - bedroom

Bedroom: For night, the host folds-up the daybed - the room turns into a sleeping room. In order to contain more books, I have designed two segments of the bookcase as moving over guidelines hidden in the floor. When the room is used as bedroom, these segments can be slipped together in order to mask the recess with RTV equipment. The tables used in the sitting room, after being stacked one over another, can be put for night in the corner of the room, or in the wardrobe.

Efficiency - gymnasium

Gymnasium: Wardrobes on both sides of the daybed contain sporting equipment: training sack, bench, barbell, dumb-bell and other necessary accessories. Clothes are stored in wardrobe. Door of both wardrobes are one-wing and when fully open, they rotate by 180 degrees, thus completely masking the recess with the daybed and the aquarium. On the inner side of the door, a picture of sport theme is painted. The training sack can be hung on a hook in the ceiling.

Visualzations for the design by Mariusz Mazur