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56.9m² apartment for 2 persons

Apartment projection

Initial state

Apartment arrangement design

Design for implementation

The apartment of 56.9m² is purposed for 2 persons. The Customers cared for obtaining open daily space and arranging a study for work, which could also be used a guest room. The rest zone has been separated from the corridor by a wall with gaps. The kitchen is directly open for the room. There is place for a big table in the middle. From the sitting room one passes to a study, which is a prolongation of the room. After closing sliding door, the study turns into an independent guest room. In the bathroom I have planned a big bath, a recess for washing-machine and shelves, wash-basin, lavatory seat and additional recesses-cabintes. In the anteroom there is place for wardrobes and closed recesses. The bedroom had a disadvantageous shape, it was long and narrow. Therefore I proposed arranging place for sleeping on a landing, which allowed for using even a very wide mattress and arranging a very cosy sleeping room. Under the landing, storage-boxes can be hidden. A wardrobe was arranged in the bedroom, which was desired by the Customers. In addition, storage recessess have been placed just near the bedroom door.