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5.6m² bathroom

Bathroom design

The bathroom came into being in a newly constructed building. Untypical setup of the walls resulted from arrangement of other rooms in the apartment. Despite of space and shape limitations, place was found in the bathroom for a big bath, bidet, lavatory seat and a basin. Washing mashine was placed beyond the bathroom. In the wall above bidet and lavatory seat, I have designed closed recesses-cabinets, which use free space near water-sewerage risers. close to the bath, two decorative lighten recesses were created. Near the bath I've planned a place for a radiator. Entire wall opposite to entrance was devoted for a basin only. A big mirror on this wall optically enlarges space of this bathroom. Close neighbourhood of closed cabinets in a recess allowed for avoiding shelves near the basin. Thanks to this, all cosmetics etc. remain hidden, which makes keeping order in the bathroom easier. For such a diversified interior, I have selected calm, toned down ceramic tailing, and I've arranged them without extravagance for introducing harmony.

9.2m² bathroom

Bathroom design

Bathroom of 9.2m² is a prat of 75.2m² apartment design, presented in the Apartment and house section. The bathroom is accesible from to sides, both from general part, and from private part of the apartment, i.e. a bedroom joint with a study, which the Customer cared for. From the private side (closer to shower), the bathroom is separated with a wall and door made of mat glass. This allowed for giving some more light to the bathroom. Closest to the door, from the general side, I've planned lavatory seat and commodius cabinets and a lighten recess above it. The baisin has been situated near a wall separating the shower cabinet. The bottom part of the wall is made of brick, the upper is glass, a mirror has been put in a metal frame. Near the bath, a place for cabinets is found. Opposite to basin, near the curve wall, I have planned additional shelves and an additional decorative element made of plasterboard above them. A nearby belt of wall is covered with texture plaster, with has been accented with lightening. According to the Customer's preference, tailing has been aplied only in the places exposed to direct contact with water (shower and floor). The remaining surface of the walls has been covered with wetness-proof paitns.

12.8m² bathroom

Bathroom design

Bathroom of 12.8m² is a part of a house. The Apartment and house section presents design of groundfloor of this house. The bathroom possesses a rich program. A big bath with rounded edges is placed centrally. Sides of the bath have been tiled with tiny mosaic. Directly against the bath, on its axis, a decorative lighted recess is placed. A wall behind the bath accents this solution and at the same time conceals a cabinet for towels, dressing gowns etc. The lavatory seat has been hidden behind a low wall, which at the same time is a cabinet for cosmetics. The customers cared for placing two mutually distant basins in the bathroom. One of them has been placed close to the entrance, the other one at the window. A big shower cabin has been planned in the recess behind the bath. Inside, in a small recess, there will be a plce for shelves for cosmetics. Due to the idea of the bathroom's design, the walls have been covered with tiles mostly in places exposed to direct contact with water.

19m² bathroom

Bathroom design Bathroom design
Bathroom design

A bathroom of 19m² has been designed at the attis of a single-family house. The bathroom has two doors: those closer to shower lead to a corridor, and the other ones, equipped with mirror, lead to a wardrobe. In the corner of the bathroom, under a bevel of the roof, I have designed a Furrora bath by Koło. Its shapely block nicely composes both within corners, and at straight walls. Around the bath a casing has been constructed, which constitutes a convenient shelf for cosmetics and decorative bibelots. A big shower cabin (1m x 1m) has been placed in a recess, thanks to which it is less visible. Beside, near the door, I've designed lightened shelves made of plasterboard. Along a low, long wall uder the mirror, two basins and lavatory seat have been placed. Window sill has been widened and lenghtened onto entire wall, due to which it constitutes a convenient shelf, under which recess-cabinets with glass, brushed doors have been constructed. Walls, floor and the bath's casing have been covered with rectangle tiles (30cm x 60cm) in two colours (light beige and brown) and two textures of surface (polished and brushed).