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Narrow anteroom

W±ski przedpokój

A long, narrow anteroom-corridor is a headache of many peaople. Wardorbes for clothes or cabinets for shoes placed inthere additionaly narrow the passage. Tight and unattractive room is not a good signature of an appartment. It is worth to think about solutions, which will improve not only functionality, but also the look of the anteroom. On the pictires below I present two proposals of a solution of this problem in case of an anteroom of 140cm x 550cm dimensions.

W±ski przedpokój

With a recess: The anteroom is to narrow to place a wardrobe for clothes in it. Therefore, instead of a wardrobe, I've designed a recess, whose walls sticj out into the anterrom only by 25cm, the reamining 60cm hides in the thikness of wall and in the neighbouring room. The recess- wardrobe can be open, or shut off by a blind or courtain. At the entrace door I've designed a mirror and below it two cabinets for various stuff. Flower pots are arranged under the cabinets and the wardrobe. In order to enlight plants in the flower pots, I've designed fluorescent lapms under the cabinet and the recess for clothes. Alternatively, compositions of dried flowers or grass can be put in the flower pots. In the anteroom I've designed a suspended ceiling, whose two edges do not reach the walls, thanks to which the walls are strongly enlighted by lamps mounted over the ceiling. The suspended ceiling improves proportions of the interior and intensively enlightened longer wall of the anteroom broadens it optically.

W±ski przedpokój

With shileds: In this variant clothes are hung behind shields constructed parallely to longer walls of the anteroom, at the distanc of about 30cm from the walls. Hanles have been mounted on the shileds for hanging e.g. handbags of umbrellas. From the bottom, the shields are backed on narrow cabinets with drawers. On the opposite wall of the anteroom, a high cabinet for shoes has been built, also hanging. A mirror has been put on its door. Under the ceiling, across the room, storage shelves are mounted, made of brushed plexiglas in metal frames. Various stuff can be stored on the shelves, preferably in aesthetic containers, selected by colour. Layout of terracotta on the floor corresponds with the arrangement of shelves. Suspended shelves, strips of terracotta and hanging cabinets - all this influences optical broadening of the anteroom.

Visualizations for the design by Marek Panowski

Anteroom with a curve

Przedpokój z łukiem

Initial state

Przedpokój z łukiem

Design selected for realization

At the initial state, a long, narrow anteroom with many doors, difficult to arrange, was part of the apartment. A place for wardrobe and shoes was necessary. The hosts were ready for joining the anteroom with the adjacent living room. Thanks to this, I've neen able to propose an interesting solution, introducing much light into the interior and optically enlarging the space. After disposal of walls of the living room, the communicagtion passage has ben separated from the room with a curved wall, hiding a small wardrobe. Inside the wardrobe I've designed a commodius cabinet with shallow, closed recesses on the sides, and cabinets for shoes, bult in the curved wall. From the side of the room, the wall contains a shelf for TV set and other RTV equipment. Thanks to such arrangement of the space, the wardrobe is perfectly hidden, completely invisible from the side of living room, and at the same time it is functional - placed near entrance to the apartment and simultaneously it constitutes an interesting element of the interios's architecture. From the right side the living room has been joined with kitchen, which additionally enalrges the space.