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Bedroom on a platform

Sypialnia na podeście Sypialnia na podeście
Sypialnia na podeście

The bedroom has been designed in a one-room apartment of 30m², ihabited by two adult persons. The hosts cared for separating a sleeping annex, even a very small one. They also needed a workplace with computer. My idea was based on buliding the bedroom on a platform made of plasterboard. From the side of anteroom, the bedroom has been coated with a 200cm high wall, containing a recess-hanger, closed with wooden blind. Below the recess, three deep drawers are located, which slide under the platform. The bedroom has been separated from the rest part of the apartment with a low wall, at which the worplace has been arranged. The desk's worktop is fixed. Under the desk a drawer sliding below the platform is located as well. Drawers under the platform provide storage space, so valuable in this small apartment, and at the same time not visible. In several points of the sleeping annex point lighting has been designed - small spotlights are located in the plasterboard wall's recesses, near the ceiling over the bed, in the recess-hanger's ceiling (directed upwards), in the stairs leading onto the platform and under the cabinets hung up near a mattress placed on the platform. Many independent light points allow to lighten the interior in a variety of ways and create various moods inside. Wooden panel frames have been put on the platform and stairs leading onto it. Parquet floor in the apartment and wooden surface on the platform co-create warm climate of this interior. Belts of patterned wallpaper put on the walls form an original decoration of the room.

Visualization for the design by Marek Panowski

Bedroom with bathroom

Sypialnia z łazienką

The bedroom (21.8m²) with bathroom (7.7m²) is a part of an 80m² apartment inhabited by two adult persons with a teenager child. Presented part of the apartment is purposed for the parents, but a general bathroom is located in the apartment as well. In the parents' bedroom a commodius wardrobe has been arranged, accessible through two entrances with sliding doors, situated on both sides of the bed. The wall separating the wardrobe from the sleeping part has an interesting shape - it contains decorative, lightened recesses from the side of bedroom and utility recesses with shelves from the side of the wardrobe. The bedroom is adjoined by a big bathroom, open for the bedroom, but at the same time separated from it by a glass wall and sliding glass door. Near the glass wall, under the bathroom's window, a big bath cased with a wide desktop has been placed. For preserving comfort, the lavatory seat has been hidden behind a wall with a recess containing washing machine, wardrobe for towels etc.

Bedroom with bathroom on an attic

Sypialnia z łazienką na poddaszu

Comfortable bedroom (35m²) with bathroom (11.5m²) of rich programme is situated on an attic of a single-family house. The bathroom is open, but it possesses separated annexes: baisins are placed behind a wall with narrow glass, reaching the ceiling, the lavatory seat and bidet behind a 200cm high wall. I've designed in the bathroom also a shower cabin and a recess for washing machine, towels, dressing gowns etc. The door in the bathroom, situated between the baisin and the shower, leads to a jerks room. The bathroom's interior is invisible from the bedroom - it is hidden behind a wall with clearances, near which I've designed a place with armchairs and table. Between bedroom and bathroom I've designed a big, presentable bath, exposed towards the bedroom. In a corner of the berdroom I've planned a place for a dressing table. On the opposite side of the bedroom a big wardrobe has been placed. In the bathroom, over the bath and the dressing table, surface windows are located, whose light co-creates an interesting climate of the room.