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81m² apartment for 4 persons

Apartment projection

Initial state

Apartment arrangement design

Design for implementation

The apartment has been designed for two adult persons with two small children. A big wardrobe with entrance near bathroom i placed in the center of the apartment. The wardrobe's wall has been intentionaly emhasised with proper light. Due to fact, that the wall is well visible, it is worth to arrange a gallery of eg. family photos on it. The bathroom has been carefully deisgned with comfortable corner bath, lavatory seat, wash-basin, closed recess for washing-machine and shelves for cosmetics etc. Additional shelves and recesses have been placed near the bathroom entrance, by the washing-machine and corner bath. Kitchen is open for sitting room. Just nearby, behind sliding door, a room is is placed, which plays the role of parents' bedroom and a study. Children's rooms have been designed so that they can be use both independently and together - these rooms have separate entrances, but internal door has also been put between them, for better integration. In an alternative variant of this apartment's design, one of children's rooms is a common bedroom for children and the other is a common place for learning and fun.