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48m² apartment for 2 persons

Apartment projection

Initial state

Apartment arrangement design

Design for implementation

The apartment of 48.5m² is dedicated for two persons. Changes in design have been introduced at the stage of construction, thanks to which destruction of walls has been avoided. In the entrance zone I have designed an extensive wardrobe, which was highly desired by the Customers. In the bathroom, after changes, room has been found for bath, washing-machine, lavatory seat and basin. The kitchen is not big, but carefully planned. Along one of walls, shallow cabinets have been installed, which allowed for maximum use of space. Near the bathroom door, from the side of corridor, a recess has been arranged - a store for vacuum cleaner, ironing board etc. Near the window I have designed a small bedroom. It can be separated from the rest of apartment by big, sliding door. Just nearby, from the side of sitting room, there is a place for a big table. In the room, apart from the rest annex with two daybeds and a TV set, I have designed a working annex, according to needs of the Customers. The recess can be closed with ordinary or sliding door, a blind, a louver etc.