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83m² for 4 persons (ground floor of a house)

Apartment projection

Initial state

Apartment arangement design

Design for implementation

The pictures present ground floor of a house. The ground floor's surface is 83m² and entire surface of the house is 250m² (a bathroom from the 1st floor of this house is presented here). I have re-designed the entrance zone. A small anteroom, after removing wall and door, has been joined with the adjacent corridor. I have designed a wardrobe for outerwear here. A small bathroom is placed just nearby. Little space of the entrance zone has been optically increased by implementing proper lighting and mirrors. Additional decorative elements of the floor direct entering persons inside. Just near the entrance I have designed a lighten recess and a sharp corner has been mitigated by a column. Entire floor of the ground floor has been made of the same material. As a result, the space has been optically enlarged. The Customers cared for maximum opening of the interiors, so kitchen has been only slightly masked with a decorative wall with recesses. In the room next to the stairs I have planned a dining room with library, equipped with recesses for books. In the wall separating the stairs a hole has been made, which maginifies infiltration of rooms. An important role in the rest zone is played by fireplace, close to which daybeds have been arranged. TV can be wtached there with equal convenience.